The 2020 CMG Meeting is to be held Virtually on Wednesday 18th November and Thursday 19th, 2020.

2020 Programme

2020 is a virtual meeting due to the global pandemic situation. The meeting will be held over two sessions on 18th and 19th November via Zoom

DAY 1- Wednesday 18th November

2 pm Welcome : Raffa Carzaniga, Chair of CMG

2pm-2.40pm : Talk 1: David Bhella, Glasgow University : The JEOL CryoARM 300 and Direct Electron DE64 as a platform for single particle Cryo-EM and Cryo-Electron Tomography

2.40-2.50: Technobyte 1. Andrew Douglas, Zeiss: "Cryo-correlation: Combining light and electron microscopy for maximum sample information"

2.50-3.30pm : Tea break and breakout rooms: Opportunity to engage with our trade colleagues

3.30-4.10: Talk 2 : Hongxi Xu, Stockholm University : Solving structures using MicroED

4.10-4.20pm: Technobyte 2. Gareth Jackson, Leica: "Cryo-BIB sample preparation for Cryo SEM"

4.20-5 pm: Talk 3: Angus Kirkland, Rosalind Franklin Institute: Introduction to Cryo-Ptychography

5-5.15 pm END

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The CMG would like to thank our trade parners for their support of this event over the years including this virtual event

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DAY 2 - Thursday 19th November

2pm-2.40pm : Talk 1: Andrew Smith, Kleindiek: Cooling samples and experimenting at cryo conditions with the use of manipulators

2.40-2.50pm : Technobyte 3. Katherine Lau, Delmic: "Delmic Cryo - Unlock the Power of Cryo-ET through Integration and Automation"

2.50-3.00pm : Technobyte 4. Simon Tanley, Molecular Dimensions: "Cryo-EM Catalogue"

2.50-3.30pm : Tea break and breakout rooms: Opportunity to engage with our trade colleagues

3.30-4.10pm : Talk 2 : Filip.VanBockstaele and Davy.VandeWalle, Gent University : Cryo-SEM:An eye-opener for food microstructure

4.10-4.20pm : Technobyte 5. Andy Yarwood, JEOL: "Introduction of a new easy to use SEM ideal for Cryo-SEM applications"

4.20-5 pm: Talk 3: Ilias Kounatidis, Diamond: Cryo X-ray and Cryo SuperResolution at B24 Beamline

5-5.15 pm END

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18th and 19th November 2020

The venue is a Virtual conference via Zoom

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