The meeting has unfortunately been cancelled, but we're already planning for our November meeting!

Please accept our appologies and cancel any travel arragement you may have made
The CMG Committee

Next Meeting:

November 2022

The venue is the TBA

Registration is open!! Register Now!

Meeting Venue

This year's meeting is organised by the NMRC (Building 53 on main campus), however, the meeting will be held in the nearby ESLC Building (buiding 54) get the detailed map here.

A Map of the University Campus can be found on the University Park Map

The 2022 CMG Meeting is to be held on Wednesday 18th May 2022.

2022 Programme

2022 is the first in person meeting since the global pandemic. The meeting aims to reconnect old friends and new members to the group, while catching us up on what has been happening in the UK in the past two years.

The event is to be hosted by the Nanoscale and Microscale Research Centre (nmRC) and held in the nearby School of Chemistry

For information on traveling to the University and directions to the School of Chemistry follow this link

A Map to the nmRC (Bulding 53) and School of Chemistry (Building 28) can be found here.

Wednesday 18th May

09.30 - 10.00 am Registration and refreshments

10.00 - Welcome: Raffa Carzaniga, Chair of CMG

10.05 - Invited Speaker Presentation - Dr Maud Dumoux (RFI) - A global approach to improve the cryo-ET pipeline

10.50 - 11.20 Short talks from attendees

11.20 - Technobytes
Leica - Gareth Jackson - TBA
JEOL - Andy Yarwood - Introduction of the Cryo-Ar5m 300 II with a review of the latest high resolution results
Gatan - Rob Hill - TBA
Linkam - Michael Schwertner - Novel Instruments for the Cryo Workflow

12.30 Lunch - A COVID Safe Lunch and Opportunities to engage with our trade colleagues

14.30 Prof. Roland Fleck (CUI) - Developing cryo 'on-grid' lamella workflows for the JEOL JIB 4700F

15.00 More talks / presentations from a range of speakers from the UK

16.00 pm - Closing comments and farewell.

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